Let's experience a day of students!

What do they learn and experience
throughout the life in Japan?

What do they learn and experience
throughout the precious period studying
in Japan?

One day of a student

Get up

They get ready for school.

School Attendance

Our schools are really close to the station
and convenient when going to school everyday.

Class start

They learn 4 skills, reading, listening, writing,
and speaking in a balanced way.

End of class

The morning classes end at this time.
Each student enjoys the lunch time.

Clean up

We set the time that all students clean up their classes and
other facilities in order to learn how important keeping things clean is.

Self-study time

The students do their homework before their part-time jobs.
This is the important time to make an effort to fulfill their dreams.

Part time job

They work hard, following the rule of limited working time.
They have a lot of chance to learn Japanese through their jobs.

Free time

This is the relaxing time after a long day.
Let's try harder tomorrow!

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ARMS Japanese
Language School
1-5-25 Iseyama, Nakaku, Nagoya city,
Aichi Pref. ARMS First Building
2-7-23 Iseyama, Nakaku, Nagoya city,
Aichi Pref. ARMS Second Building
H&A Japanese
Language School
73 Nishi Nishimachi, Chiryu City, Aichi Pref.
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