Language is a passport to your future.

If you come to Japan, meet different people,
and experience the unique culture and advanced technology,
your future will be definitely flourished. The certain ability for that is language skills.
We, ARMS Japanese Language School and H&A Japanese Language School,
will support all of you who want to seize the dream,
with the experienced teachers and the certain educational program.

Learn in Aichi.

Aichi, which has ARMS Japanese Language School
and H&A Japanese Language School,
is a big city which is located between Tokyo and Osaka.
It is convenient to go anywhere because
we are located in the center of Japan,
It taking 1.5 hours to Tokyo and 1 hour to Osaka.

  • POINT1
    How is everyday life?

    Aichi is a convenient city to live because rents and prices of Aichi are not so expensive as those of Tokyo and Osaka.

  • POINT2How is the city like?

    Aichi has not only popular sightseeing spots, but also traditional Japanese culture and state-of-the-art industrial technology you feel familiar with.

  • POINT3How are the future paths?
    \Higher Education & Employment/

    Aichi has many choices for higher education, such as university and each vocational school, but also has many job offers for non-Japanese people, which is one of the attractive points.


School Information


ARMS Japanese Language School

ARMS Japanese Language School is located in Kanayama, the center of Nagoya, which has a variety of commercial and cultural facilities. It is very convenient not only for life but for going to school, as it just takes 7 minutes from the nearby Kanayama station by walking.


H&A Japanese Language School

Chiryu, where H&A Japanese Language School is located, is a industrial city in the suburbs of Aichi which the worldwide auto manufacturer is close to. You will have a lot of opportunities to see historical shrines and temples and experience traditional festivals here.

Source: Chiryu city

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ARMS Japanese
Language School
1-5-25 Iseyama, Nakaku, Nagoya city,
Aichi Pref. ARMS First Building
2-7-23 Iseyama, Nakaku, Nagoya city,
Aichi Pref. ARMS Second Building
H&A Japanese
Language School
73 Nishi Nishimachi, Chiryu City, Aichi Pref.
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